ChairChris Morrison 

MembersBridget Amatore, Amanda Hahn-Ketter, MaryKay Pavol, Lindsay Plunket, Evan Schulze,

Student Members: Andrew Fox, Aviva Kohn

The Legislative Committee, or L-Comm, keeps abreast of issues that are developing in the Capitol in Albany that are important to the practice of neuropsychology and provides this information to the Board of Directors. The Legislative committee helps to set the legislative agenda for NYSAN by determining which bills and legislative initiatives need to be developed and/or supported to enhance the practice of psychology/neuropsychology in NYS. The committee works to develop and working relationships and coalitions with local, state, regional and national organizations, assists the Board of Directors to formulate legislative policy, coordinates grassroots efforts to promote legislative agenda, and implements the Board of Directors approved legislative agenda. 

Questions? Email Chris.Morrison@nyulangone.org

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